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Taking the sustainable 


What we do

We empower you to take control of your health. Specialist, clinically proven and highly effective physical exercise programmes, delivered in clinic, at your home or remotely via Zoom, alongside tailored lifestyle and nutrition support.

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How we do it

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Resistance Training

Using different exercises and weights, to help you feel stronger, make everyday activities feel easier and boost your energy levels.

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Working together to make manageable and sustainable changes to your diet, to complement your training and help you achieve your goals.

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Mental Wellbeing

Developing confidence and motivation to exercise effectively, to empower you to make positive changes to your lifestyle.

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Cardiovascular Training

Walking, cycling, running and swimming are all types of cardiovascular exercise. We use this type of exercise to make your heart stronger and more efficient, to help boost energy levels, immunity and much more.

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Tracking activity levels, for example average daily step counts and sleep, to maximise your progress.

Who we are

Joanna Rycroft
AHCS Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Jo is an experienced Clinical Exercise Physiologist who is committed to making sure everyone feels empowered to look after their health. Sustainability is key, so she will work with you to find the best ways of adapting your lifestyle for maximum benefit. 

Jo has gained extensive experience working with world-renowned cardiologists and oncologists, having delivered exercise prescription in clinics on Harley Street. She is also a Clinical Exercise Physiologist at Liverpool John Moores University and uses an evidence-based approach, drawing on both the latest research and specific guidance from clinical bodies. These include the Academy of Healthcare Sciences (AHCS), British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES), the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) and the Wright Foundation for Cancer Rehabilitation, all of which Jo holds Level 4 accreditations for, alongside a first-class honours degree in Sport Science and Physiology.


Jo is a keen fell runner and cyclist, who spends much of her free time out in the Lake District hills with Ned, her working cocker spaniel. She uses this enthusiasm for sport and the outdoors to inspire people to adopt a more active lifestyle. 

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