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Our Testimonials


Aged 40

Referred following treatment for testicular cancer 

I had always been sporty, always played sports and tried to keep myself fit. This ended up in a bit of a cycle of having a good few months then a few months off with weight and fitness improving and then regressing again. After my Cancer diagnosis I started an exercise programme, and had a few different people working with me. Undoubtedly the one who achieved the best results was Jo. 


 Jo’s approach wasn’t just about working me hard in our exercise sessions, but focussed on nutrition and general well being at the same time. Jo would regularly encourage me to set targets, and achieve goals, and even turned up on the start line to help me round some of the events I entered. This combined with her great knowledge and ability to find the weak areas of the body to work on improving helped me achieve a level of fitness I hadn’t achieved in many years.


Aged 59

Referred following diagnosis of ventricular tachycardia

I started a structured exercise programme following the discovery of a serious heart condition (ventricular tachycardia).


My objectives were to strengthen my heart, improve my overall fitness including both physical and mental wellbeing, and lose some weight.


Jo was an excellent leader on this journey for me. She clearly knew her stuff inside out and provided a range of challenging and interesting exercises, as well as coaching on diet and other lifestyle issues. However what stood out for me was her infectious enthusiasm and sense of fun which made a huge difference to me - as I am far from being a natural athlete or gym lover. We had a lot of laughs and I made a lot of progress - I’d recommend her to anyone.


Aged 70

Referred during treatment for prostate cancer

Following a couple of operations for prostate cancer at 60, I was advised to undergo hormone treatment to reduce my testosterone. (My layman understanding is that keeping testosterone low effectively starves cancer.) The downside of this treatment is muscle reduction and an increase in body-fat (including the growth of breasts).

To combat this, my Consultant recommended a specialist gym. I had not exercised in a gym since school but forced myself to make the effort, following instructions from a fit, enthusiastic trainer who encouraged me to work hard for the few weeks before he suddenly left the company. 

He was replaced by Jo. My goodness, suddenly there was a step change in motivation that saw even me motivated to crack on: ‘no skimping’ as Jo would say. 

Drudgery became enjoyment. More importantly, my monthly reviews started to show a reduction in BMI and a shrinking of my waist as well as increased positivity towards the exercises. With the kind and considerate yet determined and expert drive of Jo beside me, I found myself actually keen and able to beat the ‘bad’ effects of the treatment. 

In a few months, I had gone from grumpy ‘I’ll do it if I must’ to a keen ‘what’s next‘ attitude. After a few months, I recommended Jo to my wife, who also loved and benefitted tremendously from Jo’s enthusiastic expertise. And now I recommend her to you.

P.S. Ten years on since diagnosis and I am still here, in London, but Jo is in Manchester, otherwise I would still be exercising with Jo twice a week.


Aged 50

Referred after suffering from an MI/heart attack and being treated with stents

My experience training with Jo has been entirely positive.  I have found her to be enthusiastic, knowledgeable, attentive, courteous and, perhaps above all, tremendous fun. She is as bright and cheerful at 7:00am as they are late in the day. Her energy is infectious.


The sessions that I had dreaded before joining as “dull routine” have become highlights of my week.  Jo pushes me a healthy amount – but never too far.  I sense that under her expert guidance, I am getting about “the right amount” of exercise and teaching – if there is such a thing.  Not too much, not too little.


The proof, as they say, is in the pudding (which I now avoid because I don’t want to write it down in my food log!).  Since joining I have, seemingly effortlessly, lost 4 kgs.


Perhaps the greatest thing about the entire programme is its sustainability.  I feel that I am embarked on a journey towards health that will last.  This makes a welcome change from the “up-and-down” experience with physical exercise and eating that I have had for years.  Moderate but continuous discipline is so much better than “going all out” for a few weeks and then losing one’s drive altogether and reverting to one’s bad old ways.


Aged 49

Referred with high blood pressure

I can't speak highly enough about Jo. Not only is her enthusiasm infectious, more importantly her ability to pass on her knowledge and expertise to me in a way that ensured my 'buy in' rather than me just going through the motions and paying lip service.

I can still remember my questioning her over the limits she set over diet and heart rate when training at home. She convinced me to persevere, encouraging me to keep trying and believe the end results would improve and true to her word they did. She has changed my whole outlook on training and diet.

Her professionalism and manner are a credit to her profession.


Aged 55

Referred following coronary artery bypass surgery

Joanna, well she is friendly, courteous, knowledgeable as well as a thoroughly professional individual, who was always focused on my well-being.  I felt totally safe during all training sessions that she conducted so diligently.

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